Wednesday, July 5, 2017

5 Online Dress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

As glamorous events such as prom are underway, everyone seems to be browsing through those gorgeous Prom Dresses 2017. While online shopping gives you the convenience of finding and buying your dress in the comfort of your home, there are a few things you might want to avoid.

  1. Neglecting dress size information
    People often get too excited with the dress designs they see online to the point of neglecting the clothing sizes. Your considerations when buying online should include the height, bust and waist measurements of the dress. Most ecommerce sites have this information. You must be wary if you can't find sizing information.

  2. Setting strict budget ceilings
    While it's convenient in ensuring you're within budget, constantly filtering the dresses for sale according to your rigid budget may deny you the chance to get the perfect dress priced just a few dollars above your budget limit. Always try to go through various dresses across various price ranges before settling for one.

  3. Obsessing over current fashion trends
    In this age of social media, fashion trends can be caused by any marketing campaign that gains success. While following what's "in" is good, realize that they can also be blinding. Anyone looking for gorgeous dresses for prom, homecoming and other social events might want to avoid dwelling so much on these trends. Your main goal for finding that dress is that you look outstanding and elegant for the event.

  4. Picking the wrong color
    Certain events like homecoming, prom and even weddings are generally dominated by certain shades of color. However, if you are choosing a glamorous dress, you might want to consider another hue but still a complementary one. It is not only about what you see but also about how well those colors complement your eyes, skin tone and your hair. It does help to look at oneself in the mirror and try to look at what color fits right.

  5. Shopping alone
    While shopping alone lets you make fast decisions, doing it with a friend or two will help you make the right choice especially if your companion knows you well. They will be able to help stop you from outright poor choices while steering you to a pair of worthy choices.

Practical Insights on Accessorizing Your Outfit for the Big Night

Events such as prom, homecoming and quinceaƱera can be exciting for most women. But before they can survive these glamorous nights and create blissful memories, they often go through the arduous process of completing their outfit. As if finding the perfect dress is not hard enough, a woman has to ensure that accessories from head to toes all complement each other.

  • Finding the perfect dress ends more than half the battle
    Your choice of accessories is generally based on your chosen dress. By dealing with the procurement of your dress as early as possible, you basically saved a lot of hassle when it comes to accessorizing your overall outfit. There are many considerations when it comes to finding the right dress like matching your body type, the nature of the event, and your planned hairstyle and makeup.

  • Your shoes depends on your dress
    The general rule when it comes to shoes is to match their color to your dress. You need to avoid strict matching though. You can choose colors that are complementary with each other or at least in different shades. When you're wearing a simple dress, you can opt for bright-colored footwear. When it comes to design, you can start your search at some of the recommended Prom Shoes and Heels for 2017. This will help you identify the right style that suits your personality while still being trendy at the same time.

  • Understand the contrast and match rules of jewelries
    Your dress is also a deciding factor for choosing the jewelries to wear. When it comes to design, the contrast rule is generally applied. For example, if you have a sophisticated dress, keep your necklace or bracelets simple. On the other hand, if you'll wear a simple outfit to the event, you can opt to don either a bold statement piece or jewelries with intricate details.

    Jewelry matching rule, on the contrary, can be applied to colors especially if these are of metallic in nature. In essence, dresses in gold or with gold highlights are best complemented with a gold jewelry. This rule may also apply to the design especially if you want everything to be simple and subtle.

  • Earrings can take cue from the dress, too
    In essence, the design of the top portion of your dress can be a major deciding factor for your earrings. Homecoming dresses  that bare the upper portion of the bust can work well with huge earrings. On the other hand, a simple pair of earrings can complement dresses with heavy embroidery on top.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Choosing The Right Shoes For Prom and Homecoming

Prom and homecoming are two of the most-awaited events in a teenage girl’s life. It’s the time when they pick the best dress to wear for the occasion. Aside from the dress, finding the right shoes to go with it is also important. You’d want to choose one that would make you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

The following points should be considered in choosing your shoes:

The Dress – The dress you’re wearing is the main thing you need to think of. Your decision in choosing prom shoes and heels for 2017 would depend on the length of your dress and how simple or elaborate it is. If you’re planning to wear a long gown, choose a flat pair of shoes. If you wear heels, the dress would appear shorter than it should be. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a short dress, pair it with high heels.

If the style of your dress is just simple, complement it with shoes that has a complicated design. This will add appeal to your entire look. Elaborate dresses will look best when paired with shoes that have a simpler design.

The Color – Other girls choose shoes that has the same color as their prom or homecoming dresses. You don’t necessarily have to do that. With plenty of shoes to choose from, it is best to wear shoes that complements with the color of your dress.

The Length – The heel length of the shoes is important as well. If you’re going to dance all night long and party with your friends, you have to choose a comfortable pair such as flats or ballet shoes. If you like to wear high heels, just make sure to bring an extra pair of flat shoes with you.

Consider those 3 factors we’ve discussed and you’re sure to find the best pair of shoes to complement with your prom or homecoming look.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tips To Make Sure Your Prom Dress Fits

You may have heard of girls who had issues with their prom dress. One of the most common issue they have is having a dress that’s in the wrong size. This can be a big nightmare especially when you just noticed it days before prom. By then, it would be very late to go to a seamstress for alterations. It is also heart-breaking to purchase a new dress especially when your heart is already set with that dress.

To avoid such nightmare from happening to you, here are ways on how you can ensure that your dress will fit perfectly:

  • While you’re still searching for a dress, choose from prom dresses 2017 that’s a little loose on you. This would be helpful in case you would need any alterations to be done to it. Measure yourself 1 inch to 5 inches bigger than your usual size. A dress that’s too snug or figure fitting can be very difficult (and costly) to alter.

  • If your dress happens to be too short, you can add extra fabric at the back of the dress. This will help in creating a false hem making your dress look like a high low dress which has been trendy lately.

  • In case you’re getting your dress altered, wear flat shoes. This will help the seamstress know the perfect length for you. Wearing heels will just create an illusion of being tall. You might end up getting a dress that’s too long for you.

  • When buying online, you won’t be able to fit the dress personally. Make sure to review the measurements indicated by the retailer to see if it matches with your measurements. Do that before you finalize your order.

The tips we’ve discussed will help you in ensuring a perfectly fitting prom dress. We hope that those points will help you in choosing and altering your dress.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Finding and Choosing A Formal Dress That Complements Your Body Type

If you are a woman, then you will always need a formal dress in your life. You might not just need a single formal dress; you will need plenty. These dresses are usually worn on occasions like a banquet or a wedding. Before purchasing a dress, you will have to be specific about the occasion where you have to wear it. Finding a perfect formal dress is not easy. Before making a decision to purchase one, you will have to consider many things.

Some females confuse a formal dress with a cocktail party dress. The type of gathering you are going to be in decides what type of dress you should wear. First, let's clear up the difference between the two. A cocktail dress is what you can wear to a cocktail party where appetizers and drinks are served. The guests have freedom to choose the length of the dress here as it is a less formal event. On the other hand, a formal dress is what's worn on special occasions like a prom, homecoming ball, formal wedding or a charity event. The formality of the event decides what you are going to wear. If you wear a cocktail dress to a formal event, then people might not take you as a cultivated female. So do not make a wrong choice ever and consider what does Prom Dress Shop have in stock?

Whether you are going to purchase a formal dress or any other type of dress, the shape of your body must always be kept in mind. Do not get such a dress that does not align with the shape of your body. People will find a reason to mock you. The size of your hips, your upper body and everything counts. Not to forget, your face also plays an important role.

Next, comes your accessories. This can make you even look better. The entire look can be flaunted with accessories and the right shoes. Many females cannot afford to get many formal dresses because they are not that cheap. There is no need to worry about that if you are short in the budget because there are discount formal dresses available now.

Finding the same quality, variety and style at a cheaper rate are a blessing for every woman out there. You can now easily make a whole wardrobe of formal dresses as you can manage to get them on discount. Make yourself unique and get the best dress for whatever occasion you are looking forward to going to by getting the discount formal dresses.